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For Patients

Diabetes UK Coffee Morning Key Takeaways

I had the privilege of participating in a coffee morning hosted by Diabetes UK representatives at the Yvonne Arnaud in Guildford. This Q&A discussion provided a valuable platform for engaging with our service users, allowing us to gather feedback on their experiences and insights. By actively seeking their input, we aim to align our focus areas with their needs and enhance our services accordingly.

Facilitated by our dedicated Programme Manager and Business Development Manager, the session was enriched by their expertise and guidance.  Personally, I found great value in not only engaging with our service users but also in establishing meaningful connections with commissioners and representatives from Diabetes UK. These interactive events serve as a vital platform for us to address a number of queries and concerns raised by our service users, ensuring that their feedback is acknowledged and acted upon. Additionally, these engagements provide us with valuable insights into the evolving landscape of our community, shedding light on changes that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Positive themes learned

  • (Result letters) We were pleased to receive positive feedback from our service users regarding the tone of our result letters. They expressed appreciation for the sense of hope and promise conveyed in the communication, which left them feeling reassured and reduced any additional concerns. It is fulfilling to know that our efforts in crafting these letters have successfully instilled a sense of comfort and confidence in our patients, aligning with our goal of providing a supportive and reassuring experience for them.
  • (Phone system) The enhancements to our phone lines, coupled with the excellent work of the administration team, have been positively received. The comments regarding the adjustments and changes made in comparison to previous years are much appreciated.

Fostering Community and Support in Diabetes Management

This event served as a platform for service users who may not have completed the online survey or had queries and comments beyond its scope to engage and share their perspectives. For individuals who struggle with accepting their diabetes diagnosis, especially after leading a healthy lifestyle, these discussions play a crucial role in alleviating anxieties and fostering a sense of community and support. By facilitating open discussion and addressing unique concerns, we aim to create a safe and inclusive space where individuals can find a sense of unity in their journey towards managing diabetes. These events play a huge role in improving our relationships by having that human element and presence. They enable us to provide key statistics, which enhances our ability to explain the rationale behind our decisions to our stakeholders. Additionally, we can test the feasibility of our future initiatives by piloting them during these interactions, enabling us to receive immediate feedback and reactions in real-time.

Enhancing Patient Communication Engagement

As a result, we have identified several actionable steps gained from the valuable feedback provided. This includes enhancing our communication strategies to better cater to the specific information needs of our patients. By gaining insights into the additional information they seek, we can tailor our messaging effectively. Furthermore, this engagement has empowered us to effectively guide and direct our service users to the appropriate resources and support teams, ensuring they receive the necessary assistance and guidance.