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For Patients

We provide diabetic eye screening services across the UK and Ireland, helping patients live healthier lives by providing excellent, high quality and innovative screening services to the NHS. Our aim is to provide a joined-up service to all our patients.

Our services

Regardless of age, ethnicity or geography, we treat all patients fairly, providing accessible, efficient and patient-centric services. Our screening programmes are delivered on a national scale to serve the needs of the local population with delivery standards that meet those set by the National Service Framework (NSF) and the National Screening Committee (NSC).

Currently we provide full eye screening services in:

Diabetic eye screening

We’re the UK’s leading independent company in providing diabetic eye screening services to the NHS.

With over 25 years experience, we provide nine large-scale screening services across the UK to over 300,000 patients – helping to reduce the number of people going blind due to diabetes. We also provide diabetic eye screening services to a large population in Republic of Ireland and provide managed services for several other screening services.

Our history

We have over 30 years experience in specialist ophthalmic photography and over 25 years experience in providing screening services in the NHS and private sector.

We pioneered the mobile retinal camera technique, visiting GP practices in Worcestershire in the 1990s – almost two decades before the introduction of a national screening programme in 2003. Forward-thinking GPs wanted the advanced screening equipment used in hospital departments to be used in general practice. We gladly obliged and began providing high quality screening services.

Our innovative approach went beyond simply taking retinal camera equipment into primary care settings. We were early adopters of digital photography using high-resolution scanning techniques.

Our Values

Take our passion for supporting longer healthier lives, combined with our experience in providing excellent and innovative patient-centric services and you get a mix of expert, dedicated individuals that make up NEC Care.

Commissioning Services

We’re continually working to support the NHS in delivering excellent and quality driven services to all patients. If you would like to talk to us about commissioning a service, to discuss implementing a pilot/proof of concept service or would like to investigate research opportunities please contact us.