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For Patients

NEC Software Solutions provide software and services that help keep people safer, healthier and better connected, worldwide. Our customers are national governments, health bodies, police forces, emergency services, local authorities and housing providers, all working to prevent harm and provide the right support to people.

We recognize that the protection of personal data is our social responsibility and have established a data protection framework for the protection of personal data. Efforts are constantly being made to maintain, reinforce and enhance the framework. Data protection is integrated into our solutions and services by design and throughout their lifecycles.

This Data Protection statement sets forth our principles as follows:

1. We obtain, use, store and provide personal data based on the Core Data Protection
Principles of (1) lawfulness, fairness and transparency, (2) purpose limitation, (3) data
minimisation, (4) accuracy, (5) storage limitation, (6) integrity and confidentiality
(security), as well as (7) accountability, which together form the cornerstone of fair
information practices designed to protect personal data.

2. Our framework is based on a data ethics approach. We abide by relevant local laws,
regulations and guidelines pertaining to the protection of personal data.

3. We make efforts to implement, through the adoption of necessary and appropriate security measures, the security control of personal data handled by us, including protection from disclosure, loss or damage, as realised through our comprehensive Information Security policies and procedures that aim to protect the integrity and confidentiality of information and data assets that we manage.

4. We appropriately respond to complaints and requests for consultation with respect to our handling of personal data in accordance with applicable local laws and regulations. In the event of a security breach, our response team immediately acts upon reports to minimize impact on relevant parties and businesses and implements safeguards to ensure no recurrences transpire in the future.

5. We make efforts to continuously review and improve existing policies for the protection of personal data and our information security management system. Regular independent
audits are carried out to scrutinize the effectiveness of their implementation.

To find out more about our Data Protection Framework please contact dpo@necsws.com